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Holiday House Rental Thailand

We are a group of house rental agents in north and south Thailand. We can search for houses for rent in Thailand to match your

  • rental needs and budget.

  • send you full Thai house rental building condition reports

  • report house assesments, photos, video, hotel market rates in areas of Thailand.  We support proper due dilligence for house renters.

We are experienced house property managers and agents in north and south Thailand.  At right are photos of a house for rent in Thailand. It is cheap secure airconditioned house rental in Pattaya.


house for rent Thailand

Photos of House for Rent Pattaya Thailand 2015

Long term holiday house rental Pattaya Thailand for at least 6 month rental contract.


Advertise Your House for Rent in Thailand

Rent Homes in Thailand 2015

We are house rental agents marketing for condo and house owners in Thailand. If you have a house for rent in Thailand, you can advertise your house for rent in Thailand via our Thai house rental department including:

  1. Free social media marketing on the new Google Plus Thailand Community Property page

  2. 5 Photos of your house for rent in Thailand in our photo slide show @ 3,000 baht for 3 months or 1 year free of charge if it does not get rented.

  3. All house owners get a free link on where buyers can get the location of your house for rent in Thailand and arrange for a house renter viewing appointment with our real estate agent in Thailand.

  4. Email where you can download a "Contract for Hotel Sale in Thailand" in PDF format for printing. This legal tennancy contract is a formal rental offer and creates a "binding contract" when signed by both house owner/manager and tennant.

Our agentcy fee is a one off fee of 6,000 baht plus, plus costs such as media buying for online advertising if directed by house owner plus, a low 3% on going commission of the rent.

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